CRAFT ACTIVITY | Magic Wax Resistant Fireworks Art

Need an indoor activity for the little ones? Create a magic firework wax resistant masterpiece with these simple steps…
What You’ll Need
  • Coloured Crayons including a white crayon or wax candle
  • Black water based paint (poster paint or water colours should work fine)
  • Paper
  • A paint brush
  1. Using the coloured crayons create a beautiful display of fireworks. You can add a moon and stars and any hidden extras with the white crayon.
  2. Once happy with your masterpiece get the black paint and make sure its nice and runny. At this stage its best to do a test piece to make sure the wax will resist the paint, you may need to add extra water to the paint if not. Once happy paint over the firework display. You should then see your fireworks come to life in the night sky!
You don’t have to stick to a firework display, how about an under the sea scene or a spooky ghost or even hidden messages that your friends have to paint over to reveal.

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