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Tired of wearing the same old hair bow day after day? Its time to get creative, take a leaf out of the wild & gorgeous book and start making your own hair accessories to ensure that you stand out from the crowd in all the right ways. diy blog1

Good bye gros grain hair clip, HELLO hairband made out of clothes pegs and pipe cleaners….

Here are some ideas from the Wild & Gorgeous creative team.


diy blog

You will need…

* Plain hair band

* Clothes pegs in assorted colours

* Pipe cleaners in assorted colours

* Glue gun

Take a plain hairband and clip on 9 plastic or wooden clothes pegs. In between each clothes peg glue on a matching sparkly pipe cleaner and bend around to create a crown like oval shape. Voilà, you are the clothes peg queen! You can also get creative and use multi coloured pegs and pipe cleaners to create beautiful rainbow crowns. We also used clothes pegs and maple leaves to make a lovely autumn crown in warm reds.


diy blog3

You will need….

*Christmas wrapping paper

*Plain hair band

*Fine wire or string

This is a great hair bow to make a statement. Not for the shrinking violet but perfect for standing out from the crowd especially when there is so much discarded wrapping paper lying around after Christmas! Take a sheet of wrapping paper and cut it into the shape of a large rectangle. Now scrunch it gently in the middle and using fine wire or string attach it to the hair band. One fixed in place gently use your fingers to fan the bow out to achieve full volume at the outer edges. And voilà!


diy blog4

You will need….

*Small Christmas tree baubles

*Plain hair band

*Glue gun

Why let the Christmas tree get all the glory? When dismantling the tree, we suggest you slip a few spare baubles into your pocket to make this fabulous disco bauble party crown. Take a handful of small baubles – we used silver mirrored ones and fix them to a plain hair band using a glue gun. Feel free to embellish with tinsel.


This is the easiest of all. Simply nab a piece of tinsel and wrap it round to create a circular crown that will add sparkle to any party outfit. Easy….!

diy blog5

And one for the boys…


You will need….

*Dad’s best top hat


*Glue gun

Cut a dash in our brilliant embellished top hat. Simply glue a few colourful feathers to one side of an old top hap and wear at a jaunty angle. If possible select a hat that isn’t so big it completely obscures you face.

All eyes on Meli Melo…


When was Meli Melo launched and what was the inspiration behind the brand?

The brand was launched in 2005 . I wanted to create a brand that evoked understated luxury. I didn’t want a LOGO that shouted out for people who only buy bags to show that they are following trends, More for people who loved something beautifully made and wanted to be asked WHERE IS THAT FROM? More for a strong confident woman than a follower

You live in London but grew up in Italy. Has that affected your aesthetic at all?

Absolutely the brand is completely a result of that chic Italian aesthetic with the incredible quirkiness that only the british do so well!

Who wears Meli Melo and who would you most love to see with one?

I have been so lucky to see such great empowering girls wearing the brand from Sienna Miller to the Duchess of Cambridge to Olivia Palermo and chic mother Alice Naylor Leyland. I would love to see Michelle Obama wear a bag!

Which is your current favourite bag?

The Hetty bag. The perfect drawstring and cross body with a chain detail. Makes you look cool yet sophisticated and different from the crowd

What is the future for Meli Melo?

We are going to be branching out into other product categoeries.. shoes ..sunglasses!

How do you like to dress your children?

I love the fun factor of dressing .. tutus and a pretty soft cardigan and plimsolls so they look as children should look!

 Do they have any favourite outfits from Wild & Gorgeous?

My son loves the black pyjama set which he wears out with trainers with the embroidered dragon on the back and my daughter is all about the denim boiler suit with the golden stars embroidered. She now prefers that to dresses! And always gets so many compliments from my friends wanting one for grown ups. That’s why I love my evil eye jumper so much.



Hello Dandydill Way

We are delighted to introduce you to a gorgeous, new and 100% natural children’s hair care brand Dandydill Way that feels, like us, that quality is as important for children as it is for adults.
Thank you – I firmly agree, just because it’s for children shouldn’t have to mean it isn’t exceptional.


 What made you want to branch out from being a make up artist to creating your own range?
I loved my nomadic life as a make up artist and managed to continue working for the first couple of years after my daughter was born. Once she started nursery I couldn’t travel with her and needed to be able to work from home. Because I’d been able to try products from all over the world I’d found lots of lovely things to care for her when she was a baby but there was simply nothing I felt good about using on her once she got a little older. The packaging of children’s products certainly didn’t appeal to me and they usually smelled overtly sweet or citrusy. I wanted to take exceptional care of my little girl, as every parent does, and I believed that if I devoted my time and energy to it I could create something better.
Who or what was you inspiration?
I’ve been inspired by many different things. An important part of Dandydill Way is the look of the brand and that was hugely inspired by my time living in France. I love French beauty products, they are unquestionably the world leaders in design and I insisted on finding a French designer to create the packaging. My eye for detail has been finely honed after decades of work as a make up artist so when I found someone with the same obsessive attention to every last detail – and French – it was the perfect match! 
My mother was also an inspiration to me. She was a passionate and very knowledgeable gardener, we grew up eating the most amazing home grown fruit and vegetables although we may not always have been grateful at the time! It was from her that I learned that the power of nature can be found in the most unlikely places – the humble hawthorn tree for example. She passed away at the beginning of the project so it’s rather sad to me that she never saw it launch. 
You say that the countryside and natural ingredients are really important to you, can you explain more?
My childhood was spent in Yorkshire, I’m the eldest of 4 and my sisters and I were allowed a great deal of freedom to go out and play together in the countryside near our home. We spent hours climbing trees, building dens and also picking wild fruit. Like many families we’d go out picking bilberries that grow wild on the moors, blackberries, mushrooms, hazelnuts, raspberries – you name it we foraged it! When I discovered there was a way to create a botanical extract from a purely wild grown ingredient – the hawthorn berry – picked by a professional forager, there was no hesitation – it had to be part of Dandydill Way.
What make your products different from anything else on the market for children?
Although there are other natural ranges for children available there is nothing else I’d like to see on my own bathroom shelves. The quality of the design reflects the quality of the product inside the bottle. And did I mention our bespoke, 100% natural, allergen-free fragrance? In the words of Fleur, one of our young customers “it smells like heaven!”.
Where can we buy them?
Dandydill Way is the only children’s range to be stocked by Josh Wood Atelier (6 Lansdowne Mews, London W11 3AN) and Viola (25 Connaught Street London W2 2AY). It’s also available at Calder Pharmacy (55-57 Notting Hill Gate W11 3JS) and online at


What is the future for Dandydill Way?
We’re a proudly British brand (admittedly with a little French flair!) and I’d love Dandydill Way to become an international success. I think our superb quality, trusted and safe products for children represent the finest tradition of British manufacturing and deserve to be seen in stylish bathrooms all over the world so we’re very keen to start exporting the range.