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World Animal Day – Snurk x W&G Competition

1. What was the original inspiration behind SNURK?

We started back in 2007 as a charity project. We came up with the idea to make a duvet cover to raise awareness and money for homeless youngsters in the Netherlands.

The bedding was covered in a cardboard box print and we named it: Le-Clochard (“Sleep underneath a cardboard box, so a homeless youngster doesn’t have to”.)
Our project caught the media’s attention and we sold out quickly. We raised over 50.000,- euros with it for the Foundation SZN.
It was so cool, doing this independent project by ourselves, that we realized we wanted to continue making Clochard bedding, but also make more prints and try to make a living out of it.
We still have the cardboard bedding in our collection today.
2. How do you keep coming up with such great ideas?

Before SNURK I used to work as creative (writer) in advertising , so coming up with ideas has always been ‘my thing’. And before that I was a kid with a big imagination.. always cooking up weird ideas and plans, haha. Basically, what I do is I always keep my ears and eyes open in daily life. There is inspiration everywhere around me. Being surrounded by 2 young kids and a great city like Amsterdam also helps.

3. Do you have favourite design and why?

The astronaut will always be special to me. It was our first children’s bedset and we released it the day before our youngest son was born. The pictures of the Astronaut on our Facebook page went viral and within a few days, our webshop exploded. It was crazy busy. Every online design blog was writing about it…even news sites. It meant our breakthrough and the Astronaut kicked off a voyage for SNURK that went beyond our dreams.

4. What does the dream future hold for SNURK? 

If things were to stay exactly as they are now I would be totally happy, as we are in a great place, surrounded by great people, the result of ten years of hard work! But of course I can’t help dreaming (big) and I do have dreams of our new line of clothing Horizontal Wear becoming the world’s most favorite sleep & lounge wear.

5. If you were to choose a favourite product from Wild & Gorgeous what would it be and why?

I am a boys Mum so: the planet jumper. I love navy colored clothing, and I love simplicity with fun details …and well I’m a a sucker for Space themes. 😉