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Nikki Tibbles’ Flower Arranging Tips and Flower Class

 This week we are running a competition with our favourite florist Wild at Heart. The winner will receive a beautiful bouquet from Wild at Heart and an outfit from Wild & Gorgeous. The perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day. We also asked Nikki for her top flower arranging tips.


 1- What to consider?

Which room will your arrangement be displayed in? Consider the colour, style and texture of that room. Also think about the vases you have to work with, both aesthetically and practically. For instance, a tall cylinder vase will suit tall, structured flowers like lilies, whereas smaller vases are great for delicate flowers like sweet peas and narcissi.

2- Which flowers?

It’s important to consider the colour, form and texture of the flowers you want to display and which ones will work well together. Generally, I wouldn’t use more than three types of flowers together in one arrangement, as any more than this starts to look messy. I’d also pair flowers with similar shaped heads together. For example, round-headed peonies look great with roses and spears of delphinium with stocks. Alternatively, a mass of one type of flower always looks effective and makes a contemporary statement.


3- How to arrange?

Cut the stems of the flowers on an angle and place in cool water as soon as you get them home. Fill your chosen vase/jug/bottle/vessel three-quarters full with water and add any food sachets that may have come with the flowers. If you don’t have any flower food add a sterilising tablet to keep the water clean. Once you’ve cut your stems, remove any leaves below the water line as these will rot and cause bacteria in the water. Start your arrangement with foliage at the base and if you’re not using foliage then start with your biggest flowers. Build the arrangement stem by stem and try to spiral them into the vase. Finally, just make sure your arrangement looks good from all the angles it will be visible.

4- Fresher for Longer

To keep your arrangement looking its best, place it away from heat and out of direct sunlight. Also give the vase fresh water every couple of days and if you can, re-cut the stems. These simple steps will keep your flowers looking fresher for longer.


Flower class details:
Discover more at Wild at Heart’s Mother’s Day Spring Flower Class on Thursday 30th March at their Pimlico Flagship store. Guests will be treated to a glass of fizz and canapés whilst their Head Florist demonstrates exactly how to make a famed Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart bouquet. Guests will then be invited to recreate this themselves, taking their beautiful arrangement home at the end of the evening.
Email: to book your space

Nicola Holbrooke

We are delighted to have collaborated with the super talented Nicola Holbrooke who created the imaginative and magical Christmas Kalenderhaus. Recently she has turned her attention to creating beautiful rice paper outfits for her gingerbread dolls using imagery from the Wild and Gorgeous Autumn Winter 2016 and Spring Summer 2017 collections. On 25th and 26th March she will be at the Wild and Gorgeous Harrods pop up and inviting children to get stuck in, decorate a doll or two which they will be able to take home with them. We caught up with Nicola to find out a little bit more about the inspiration behind Clever Gretel.

CLEVER_GRETEL_21.12.16056When and why did you launch Clever Gretel?

I launched Clever Gretel just before Christmas 2015. I’ve always loved making things for my kids to do and for friends who don’t feel quite so confident about baking and assembling. When my daughter asked me to make an advent calendar for her and her brother to decorate their gingerbread house with, I thought it would be a great kit for families to do together over Christmas. And so, Clever Gretel was launched with it’s first product, KalenderHaus. 

Were you inspired by anyone or anything in particular?

My daughter is a great inspiration. She comes up with so many ideas for Clever Gretel and is a business partner in the making! There are so many opportunities for people to turn their creativity into businesses, however small and I find it really inspiring to be surrounded by that.

You made your name with the Kalenderhaus. If you were to recreate one famous building in biscuit which would it be and why? 

There are so many iconic buildings that I would love to do. I have done a gingerbread Big Ben in a jar for the last few New Years, which you can see on my bespoke cakes  For now, for Clever Gretel, I would love to do an alternative Christmas gingerbread house. Maybe a Miami beach house with some festive palm trees! I love to use printed icing so I would also love to do a gingerbread doll house with edible wallpaper and decorative furniture. I’m always thinking of ways that I can use edible printed images so watch this space…

How did you get the idea to create edible paper clothing to dress your gingerbread dolls?

I love doing the workshops at Wild & Gorgeous and I really wanted to create an activity that was unique for them. I was looking at their collection for inspiration and there were all these gorgeous images of clothes staring out at me. I think everyone loves the idea of paper dolls and kids love Wild & Gorgeous clothes and might even have the same outfits that they put on their biscuits.  And once again, any excuse to use those edible printed images!

If you had to choose one Wild and Gorgeous outfit which would it be?

While at a meeting at Wild & Gorgeous I got a sneak peek at the Spring/summer collection and immediately fell in love with the Mexican inspired white cotton embroidered dress. It’s the perfect summer dress. I wish they did it in my size..but I’ll have to live vicariously through my daughter!

What can we expect next from Clever Gretel?

I love the idea of people sitting down and getting creative together and I hope that the products from Clever Gretel do that. They make great activities to do at parties and a wonderful party gift to take home, something for families to do together at holidays and a totally unique gift (as a kit for them to do or made by you with love). And I want parents to get as much fun out of it as the boys and girls so that it doesn’t matter if you are 5, 15 or 45. I’m always trying to come up with new ideas for more biscuit kits but I see Clever Gretel naturally branching out into non edible kits as well. I know there is huge satisfaction from making something beautiful and stylish yourself. That’s what Clever Gretel is there to help you do.

Join us at our Harrods event : harrods POS flyer


This season we turned back time to the 16th and 17th century and the swashbuckling style of the seven seas. Our zig zag print was inspired by the ethnic prints that pirates would have appropriated and turned into loose cut trousers worn with a billowing white shirt and a glinting gold earring no doubt.boys

We have used lots of fringed detailing to resemble the tattered sails of a sea worn vessel and thrown in a good pinch of pure white cotton with traditional lace trim.

We especially love the loose cut Sparrow Dress – prefect for young sailors. The Black Pearl Trouser worn with the Alice Top – ideal for shimming up the mast to the top of the Crow’s Nest. And of course the Zig Zag bag for carrying all your loot.


For boys we have designed loose fitting v neck striped shirts, baggy trousers, soft T shirts with skull print and a cute intarsia Skull Jumper with a single, glistening gold lurex tooth.

piraty pirateesque pirate