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Claire Coles

You have a very unique way of working using paper, leather silk and embroidery to create stunning original collages. How has you technique evolved over the years?


I began by work mainly with vintage wallpapers to create one off artworks and patterns. Over the years I have continued to use machine embroidery to bring different materials together such as silks, leather and felt. Recently I have started working with screen printing and painting within my designs. I love combining different layers of materials and textures in my work.

Your range includes fashion print, ceramics, wallpaper and interiors. What is your first love?

I started out working in ceramics and combining this medium with textiles, but I remember the first day I started playing with embroidery and collage and it felt really natural to me so I think this process was my first love.

Claire Coles Silk Scarves SS 2013

What and who inspires you?

I look at the natural world around me for inspiration, but also looking at how ornamentation and pattern is used historically in our homes is key to my ideas.I am inspired by artists and designers across different mediums. I look to fashion and fine art quite a lot as a source of colour inspiration, Christopher Kane and artist Tahnee Lonsdale have a great use of colour in there work which I am drawn to. The wallpaper artist Tracy Kendall is a big inspiration to me too,  she is always pushing boundaries with what wallpaper can be.

Claire Coles Silk Scarves SS 2013Can you describe how you build a piece of work?

It normally starts with hand drawn sketching and putting a mood board together of colours and materials, I then hand cut the pieces and start to put my designs together, finally I freehand machine embroider the design together.

Every season you create unique work for Wild & Gorgeous, is it different to you other commissions?claire coles bits blog

Working with wild and Gorgeous is different as I am working on a smaller scale than i usually do, I also have in mind that it is a children brand so I try to make my work fun and enchanting for younger audience, usually my clients are adults so its nice to work more playfully.

Have you ever used your fantastic sewing skills to make clothes?

I cannot sew in a straight line, so I have found making clothes is not my forte, I am much better and being free with the sewing machine and creating artworks and pattern!

What would be your dream job?

I love working in collaboration and seeing my designs turned into different mediums, I would love to design a collection of rugs with the Rug Company

If you were to choose one item of clothing for the Wild & Gorgeous Spring Summer 2017 collection, what would it be and why?

I have a 2 year old son, and i would love to see him in the love red and white striped shirt. The cut is really cute, I like the vintage circus theme and I am a big fan or stripes!

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Top tips for picking the perfect flower girl and page boy outfits

It may seem cliché to say but your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life and Wild & Gorgeous offer an array of services to help make picking your flower girl and page boy outfits that little bit easier. This includes a swatch service where you can get a small sample of any style sent over to you so you can ensure that the colour matches the rest of the wedding party and a full refund if you are unsure or change your mind. Then to alleviate any preparation stress you can also bring your garments into either of our London stores where we can steam and hang them ready for the day.


When it comes to selecting the right styles we have a few hints and tips that have come from over ten years of selling our beautiful classic collection:

1. With children, especially small children it is difficult to predict their height and size as they are prone to fits and starts of growing so we would suggest that any fittings be done no more than three months before the big day so that you get the perfect size

2. Ensure that all the children in the wedding party try on their outfit. Children will be very vocal if they are uncomfortable in what they are wearing and you don’t want any refusals on the big day because they find their dress too scratchy or uncomfortable

3. Remember that if you have a mixture of ages for your flower girls it is unlikely that you will get them to all wear the same dress. Especially those that are over the age of 11. The best thing to do is to try to choose styles that co-ordinate either in a matching fabric or hue. Or have the older girls in a separate colour to the younger girls and then tie them together by having the same colour in the sash and buttons

4. Take into account where you are marrying so a city wedding is usually more formal and so the dresses more dramatic whilst a country or beach wedding is more relaxed with dresses that are light and floaty


Dinny Hall Interview + Competiton

necklace When and how did you love of jewellery originate and how did it become a business?

My enthusiasm for all things that shine started at a tender age. I would find and buy jewels with my pocket money at jumble sales even finding a 1920s Cartier brooch by the age of nine! I think from then on I was never going to do anything other than have a career in the jewellery business. Also it’s worth noting that from the moment I picked up a pencil I got the design bug.

Where do you find your inspiration?

All around I’m looking all the time. But things that most interest me are Architecture, Nature, Film, Travel, Art, Mythology  and Universal Symbols with a nod to fashion.

 What do you think are the jewellery essentials and how should they work with what you are wearing. Or not?

Every girl should have some Hoops there is no end to reinterpretation of the design of them- Essentials are day rings you can stack and play with and dress up evening cocktail rings to be a little showy. Some fine gold chainy necklaces that you can layer or a simple circular solid silver pendant. Jewellery should be comfortable and suit your mood.


If you were to choose a favourite historical piece of jewellery – what would it be and why?

It’s the Sancy Diamond I rather fancy a magnificent Mogul cut diamond in the Louvre with an extraordinary history but if it has to be jewellery then I’d have Queen Alexandra’s coronation Parure circa 1902.

Do you like to see jewellery on children and if yes what nature?

Little girls love jewellery and little jewellery loves little girls so I fully approve.

 If you were to choose one favourite outfit from the Wild & Gorgeous collection what would it be?

The prettiest party dress for a little girl to feel incredibly special when wearing is The Marie Antoinette dress.

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