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Wild & Gorgeous + Kalendarhaus Christmas Party Notting Hill

This week end we invited the unbelievably talented Clever Gretel creator Nicola Holbroke along to our Primrose Hill Shop to help mini Wild and Gorgeous customers decorate gingerbread men (and women!).

DSC_0035.jpeg copy We advertised the event to our customers by e flyer and it was sold out in 12 hours!

Nicola had created beautiful rice paper cut outs of AW16 Wild and Gorgeous girls and boys party wear for the children to dress the gingerbread characters in.


Everyone got stuck in and sticky as icing was applied to rice paper and outfits selected and pasted onto the gingerbread biscuits. Once completed the gingerbread figures were placed in a decorative box along with a decorative toadstool or squirrel biscuit and finished with pretty string and a Father Christmas figurine. All fabulously festive.


Nicola also creates the most beautiful gingerbread KalanderHaus. It really is a work of biscuit art as you build a little bit of the house each day of advent to create the most stunning, imaginative gingerbread house. To read more about Clever Gretel or buy your own KalanderHaus  click here 


Our next event on Saturday 25th at Ledbury road is also now sold out but I am sure we will be revisiting Nicola’s magical world next year!

How to keep your sequin party wear sparkling

Sequined dresses like our Degas Moon and Glisten styles bring a touch of Christmas sparkle and magic to every little girl’s wardrobe but they need specialist care to maintain them. So to make sure that your little one’s dress is always party ready make sure you follow our top care tips


1. Always check the garment label to see what the manufacturer recommends. Some sequin clothes are machine washable but others are hand wash or dry clean only. Always do what the label says

2. For any little stains always try spot cleaning first. If the stain is non-oily or dirt, mix a solution of one teaspoon of dish washing detergent with one cup of cool water and mix well. Then use a cotton swab to gently ease out the stain. Keep blotting with a clean white cloth as the stain is transferred. Blot well with plain water and then blot with a clean white cloth to remove excess water and air dry. This process may seem time consuming but this is the best way to save your garment from permanent staining

3. For loose sequins or thread resist the urge to pull or cut the thread. Instead make a double knot to hold the sequin in place until it can be repaired. A good seamstress will be able to do this for you

4. Handwashing will always be the best way to look after your sequins. Always make sure that you button and zip all fastenings and turn the garment inside out. Use cool water and a gentle detergent but do not scrub or wring out the garment as over working it will cause the sequins to break


5. Always remember to never put sequinned garments in a tumble drier as the sequins could melt. If the garment is made from woven fabric it can be hung out to dry but any knitted items with sequins will need to be laid down flat

6. Never iron clothes with sequins as they will melt. Instead you will need to steam on the wrong side and keep the steam wand at least twelve inches away from the fabric or you can remove wrinkles by hanging the garment in a steamy bathroom for 30 minutes before wearing.

Always remember if you are lacking in time in both our Ledbury Road and Primrose Hill stores we are more than happy for you to bring in your Wild & Gorgeous party pieces so we can steam and hang them for you.


At Wild & Gorgeous we have a gained a bit of a reputation over the years for creating fabulous children’s party wear. From beautiful prints to sumptuous fabrics and sequin detail we aim to have the party season covered for both girls and boys. Here are are top selling party wear styles and the reasons why we think they are so popular…



degas  Inspired by the beautiful Degas paintings of ballet dancers this showstopper of a dress combines layers and layers of net with shimmering sequinned bodice detail. It’s an unapologetic, sparkling disco ball of a dress and our top selling party dress.


love jumperThis versatile winter party outfit teams a super soft and cosy sequin heart jumper with a frothy pink print skirt with hints of gold. The jumper also looks great dressed down with jeans and the skirt can be worn with a simple T shirt or scruffy sweatshirt. The mix and match nature of this outfit make it great value for money and popular with mums as well as kids.


empressFor girls that love twirls this Chinese flower inspired print is a great party dress for Christmas or New Year. Complete the look with a handy chiffon purse and you are ready to go.


starmanThis shimmering silver playsuit was inspired by Ziggy Stardust and the whole glam rock music movement. The super soft liquid lurex is comfy and easy to wear. Looks great worn with mum’s (or dad’s?!) platform boots.


big bang playsuit

Take a relaxed approach to party wear with this navy blue shorts playsuit brought to life with sequinned details.


glisten dress

Whether its a trip to the theatre, the ballet or a party outfit you are after this combination of fur and sequins is bang on trend.


love outfit

Love is in the air with this show stopping combination of faux fur love coat and the net and sequin Love Dress. Look no further for the perfect Christmas day girls outfit.


Our top selling Christmas party dress for younger girls is this beautiful red velvet shirred party dress with diamanté button detail. Dress it up with a matching velvet choker for a stunning, on trend (but not trendy) girls party outfit.

nancy dress


Our top selling dress for older girls the Sparkle Dress is made from a soft grey, mauve and silver chiffon in a flattering silhouette with a shirred waist and just a hint of silver sequins at the neck line. Wear with the Wild and Gorgeous Silver Lurex Hoodie glitter plimsolls for a cool older girls look.



firework dress

This vibrant print references the spectacular flashes and patterns made by a burst of fireworks. Hot pink and red forms are punctuated with hints of gold and the dress is trimmed with a shimmering strip of gold sequins. The loose fit makes it an effortless easy shape for girls of all ages. Complete the look with some cheeky sequinned cat ears, gold sparkly plimsolls and perhaps a hot pink Wild & Gorgeous cardigan.




Reveal you inner wild side with our soft grey Tiger Jumper. Looks cool worn with our striped skinny jeans. Smart enough to please mum, relaxed enough to please wild boys.


sid trousers

We always love a host of tartan and these cool trousers reference the 80’s punk scene but also are a great contemporary and smart party look for boys to wear at Christmas or new Year.



If its smart enough for Prince George on the Royal Tour it must be smart enough for the rest of us?! And whats more we love this slick city look of collared jumper paired with the flat fronted skinny Rex Trouser. Smart and cool, just like you!

Stolen Glimpses by Christina Wilson and Robert Elms

We have worked with photographer Christina Wilson from our very first shoot way back in 2006. We have always loved and admired her unique and graceful vision. She has now published a book of her beautiful and moody photographs in collaboration with her husband the writer and broadcaster Robert Elms. It is a wonderful, ethereal book of stolen moments and incidental musings. We caught up with Christina to ask her about the inspiration for the book.

What inspired you and Robert to make the book?

We have always wanted to do a book together, this one is more a visual narrative of moments in my life – some of them were on our trips together, some just from our everyday surroundings.  I asked Robert to choose from some of the images and write a few words that inspired him.  The words aren’t necessarily about the picture.

stolen glimpses6

Why the name Stolen Glimpses?

The images I chose for the book were the ones that felt more incidental, a passing glance, a fleeting moment – a snapshot in time;  a lot of my images are quite ethereal and romantic and stolen glimpses seem to sum up the mystery.


Do you have a favourite image?

As I have looked at these images over and over for the past year, they all start to look too familiar, but every now and again, I pick up the book and think, hmm, I really like that one……  I think my favourite image changes from day to day, but one of my favourites is Cornish Moon – there is something soothing and mystical about this image and its a place that I visit time and time again, but each time the view changes according to the light and the climate . 

stolen glimpses2

What is the story behind the book?

I always knew that I wanted to do a book, and that I would want full control design wise and to make it really beautiful – so by self publishing, you take a risk financially, but you get exactly the result that you hoped for. Its a collection of photos that interpret my love of life and places, together with some words by Robert; its not grungy or trendy or world changing, more a reflection of how I perceive the everyday.

Photos are my visual dialogue; I am not great at words and speaking, so they are my narrative and possibly when I take lots of moody dark photos, maybe that’s a reflection of my own feelings that day.  Some days I take lots of colourful images, I definitely think mood plays a part in your eye view that day.  Though grey moody light is what adds stillness, calmness and a different beauty to life and this is what I particularly like to capture, those quiet moments; especially as life is so hectic around us.


Your children feature frequently in your work – how did they respond to be photographed by you?

My children are pretty tired of me asking whether I can take a photo of them – a few times I can take photos without them noticing, but a lot of times I have to bribe them, or now that they are older, ask them to give me 6 shots !!  Children never like to be photographed by their parents!  Fortunately the children at Wild and Gorgeous seem to love it and I love photographing children of all ages;  people say never work with children and animals, but I find them exciting, unpredictable and naturally beautiful and natural to work with.

How has having and working with children influenced your photography and world view?

Having and working with children has definitely made me more patient – I don’t mind waiting to capture that perfect smile or glance – their innocence and spontaneity challenge me, but each time its like starting again on a new project, its never repetitive. One of the most important visual things about my book is the juxtaposition of contrasting subjects on facing pages – the pages work as pairs, with images harmonising through mood, colour and form rather than through being the same shoot or same place.  This is a big part of the visual story.


Robert talks about your innate sense of style and taste, how do you think that has influenced your work?

I have spent most of my working life in either fashion, art, interiors and style – so inevitably those things have influenced everything I do and own – from my home, my clothes and to my photography.  Having been a stylist for 10 years previously, I naturally see things as through a camera, and even if I am taking a photo with my iPhone, I move the subject to make the shot aesthetically correct!  It means though that I never just take a snapshot, as I am always trying to compose the perfect picture.

How did you dress your children when they were younger?

I love to dress the girls prettily – lots of crisp white dresses, a bit of vintage or maybe a simple jumper and kilt.   sadly Wild and Gorgeous came too late for my girls to really enjoy all the pretty dresses and cardigans – but Maude luckily wore them for a few years before she became a teenager.  With Alfie, I dressed him quite retro, in classic jeans and shirts and t shirts without logos.  He is now like a mini Robert in quite classic clothes.

stolen glimpses copy

Christina x

Visit Christina Wilson’s website.