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7 Fun Beach Activities

Heading to the beach this summer? Here’s 7 beach activities to keep little ones entertained!

Girls-Beach-Cover-Barrys-Bar-51. Collecting Seashells and Treasure
Take a walk along the beach and collect sea shells. See how many different shells you can collect!
2. Build a Sandcastle
Have buckets of fun building a sand castle! Decorate it with beautiful shells.
3. Seaside Jewellery
Find a pretty shell with a hole in it to make a necklace when you get home.
4. Kite Flying
The beach is a fabulous place to fly a kite. Run along the beach with your kite soaring through the sky!
5. Become a Mermaid
Bury the lower half of your body in the sand and have a helper help create a mermaid tail with the sand.
6. Make Beach Art
Collect as many shells as you can, then find a spot to create your beach art work using the seashells. Why not try creating a sea horse or a crab!
7. Set up an inflatable pool
This is a lovely idea for your younger children. Bring an inflatable paddling pool for them to play in and keep cool in the hot weather.