CRAFT ACTIVITY | Magic Wax Resistant Fireworks Art

Need an indoor activity for the little ones? Create a magic firework wax resistant masterpiece with these simple steps…
What You’ll Need
  • Coloured Crayons including a white crayon or wax candle
  • Black water based paint (poster paint or water colours should work fine)
  • Paper
  • A paint brush
  1. Using the coloured crayons create a beautiful display of fireworks. You can add a moon and stars and any hidden extras with the white crayon.
  2. Once happy with your masterpiece get the black paint and make sure its nice and runny. At this stage its best to do a test piece to make sure the wax will resist the paint, you may need to add extra water to the paint if not. Once happy paint over the firework display. You should then see your fireworks come to life in the night sky!
You don’t have to stick to a firework display, how about an under the sea scene or a spooky ghost or even hidden messages that your friends have to paint over to reveal.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

BOO! Let’s get ready for Halloween with a spooktacular pumpkin carving activity.

Choose a pumpkin and use a sharp serrated knife to cut off the top of the pumpkin to make a lid. Alternatively you can purchase a pumpkin carving kit.

Using a large spoon, scoop out the seed and fibres. Also remove some of the flesh.

With a marker pen, draw a simple outline of your design on the pumpkin, we recommend doing this using a stencil. We have included some stencils below, simply click on the stencil you like and click print. Next cut out the black sections to create the stencil, then apply it your pumpkin and draw your outline.

Next use a serrated knife or pumpkin carving kit to carve your design.

When you’re happy with your pumpkin, pop a tea light inside, light it and replace the lid. Don’t forget to share your spooky pumpkin pics on our social media channels.

Have a wildly wicked Halloween!

Jakki Jones’ AW18 Top Picks

We are delighted that Jakki Jones, busy mother (alongside working in showbiz, owner of Jakki Doodles and a columnist for Smallish Magazine!) has chosen her top ten picks from the AW18 collection.
(and the jumpsuit is fab too)
I love the cut of this dress – and the vibrant colours. Pink and red are always a great combo. The sleeves on this dress make it a staple, unique piece for any young lady’s wardrobe!

Metallic jumpsuits are the easiest and most comfortable thing to wear and when you can have one as eye catching as this – its defo not to be missed. This would be a fab eye catching birthday party outfit – or just adding a bit more sparkle to the day-to-day wardrobe!


This dress is simply divine. It reminds me of a vintage piece you would have seen at Woodstock back in the day. Floaty, pretty, textured and totally unique. There aren’t many items like this for little girls, which makes it very special. I can see Riley wearing this at a summer festival next year, perhaps with some fringed boots.


Despite the name ‘festival’ dress – I just think this is an awesome seasonal dress. Especially for the Christmas season. It screams ‘party’ to me. Team this up with a feathered headband and some cool leopard print flats, probably one of my dream outfits right there.


The colour and design of this playsuit is beautiful; so vibrant. Dress up for a party or dress down to be the coolest kid in nursey. Either way – you’re winning!


Tartan – like leopard print – is another one of my favourite patterns. Tried and tested for many years – it never goes out of fashion. I’d love to mix it up with another textured item of clothing; perhaps a pink fluffy top, or even a metallic or neon pop of colour to clash and contrast.


I love a bit of bright pink– and this playful design makes it stand out and iconic. One for kids and adults to go crazy for I reckon.


Everyone that knows me – knows my huge passion for leopard print and faux fur. I always have a leopard print jacket in my winter wardrobe. It’s been one of my staple pieces for over a decade – so it would be rude not to have one in Riley’s so we can have some twinning action going on.


This jacket is so chic. Love the boho feel to it – and the teal blue colour is stunning, this definitely is one of my favourites in the collection and is one of those jackets that is a staple piece in any child’s wardrobe.


I would 100% wear these myself – if only they did bigger sizes! They are the dream. Teamed with a denim skirt or little leggings. They will complete any outfit.

Check out how Jakki’s daughter Riley has styled the Wild & Gorgeous collection.

Rainy Day Activities

1. Paint or draw

Get all your colouring books, pencils and paints out and get creative.

2. Have an indoor picnic

Lay out a picnic blanket and set out plates with snacks and drinks. Invite your cuddly toys as guests!

3. Make a moving story book

Draw an image in the same corner of the book on each page, each image should change slightly. When you’re finished flip through the pages and watch your character come to life.

4. Create a toy car racing track

Using some masking tape, create a racing track for you to race your cars around.

5. Make jewellery

You can use items like pasta, beads, paint and string to create beautiful necklaces and bracelets.

6. Make shadow puppets

Cut out various shapes on card and tape them to wooden sticks. Turn off the lights and with the help of a torch, see the shadows of your creations on the wall.

7. Make a den

Use sheets and blankets to drape over chairs and tables. To make it cosy put some cushions, blankets and cuddly toys inside.

8. Bake

Gather all the ingredients and have lots of fun baking. Then enjoy your super yummy treat after!



This September we are thrilled to have been invited to create a pop up shop at Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire.

This fabulous membership club where the great and the good go to sip cappuccinos and cocktails in super comfy and stylish surroundings is the perfect backdrop for the new Wild & Gorgeous Autumn Winter 2018 collection.

As you enter the complex there is a pretty little shop filled with cashmere throws, velvet cushions and scented candles galore where members go to browse or pick up a luxurious bath robe carelessly omitted from the weekends packing.

At the back of the shop is a beautiful, rustic wood clad room that Soho House use to showcase their favourite brands. Each brand stays for one month and is tasked with the challenge of turning it into an inviting mini shop.

We roped in the supremely talented Mary Mathieson to help us transform the shop into a Wild & Gorgeous Autumn grotto. Mary created a beautiful vine of sunflowers, straw, maple leaves and pheasant feathers to drape across the walls as well as making her signature floral and feather crowns to adorn the shelves. The result is a warm and inviting blend of rustic sophistication and we are delighted with the results.

So if you happen to be a member of the fabulous Soho Farmhouse please do nip along and see us there!


This season the catwalks were awash with animal prints and motifs with leopard print being especially popular. So channel your inner WILD CAT to stay ON TREND this Autumn. Grrrrrrrr

SILVER BULLETSay it with SILVER. Cool shimmer is the colour of the season. From subtle shades of soft silver to sequin sartorial disco balls. It’s all about slipping into winter with a glimmer and pale gleam.

CHECK MATENo wardrobe is complete this winter without a little check. From classic tartan print partywear to a good, warm, robust tartan or check skirt or trousers. A check is timeless, enduring and exudes classic chic. Check it out. MATE.


70’s boho is a big story this Autumn Winter. Beautiful Moroccan inspired embroideries, vibrant colours, bell-shaped sleeves, and tiny mirrored details. Think Kensington Market in the 70’s and you’ve got the picture.



This Autumn we drew inspiration for our daywear collection from timeless tartan, ethnic and camouflage. We have always LOVED bringing tartan into our collections as it is a total classic as well as having that punk led 80’s street edge that we love so much. We can never get enough of RED tartan which we have realised in both chiffon party dresses and practical warm skirts. This season we have also designed an electric blue tartan that we think rings the changes and brings a new dimension to the fabric.
As eternal inner hippies we also have used plenty of embroidered and mirrored boho embellishments in our daywear designs. The Moroccan, Marrakesh and Jairpur dresses are designed to transport you to exotic warm climes with their warm colours and vibrant embroidery and mirrored detailing.

 Party People

As Wild & Gorgeous is well known for its partywear we take the Winter collection VERY seriously. This Autumn Winter we reached for the stars standing on disco balls in sequin 70’s catsuits. Obviously.
Key party pieces are set to be the Starman Playsuit, Star Wonder Dress, Hoxton playsuit and the fabulous Sequin hannah Dress. Reach for the Stars and don’t give up until you are holding one in your hands.

Junior Design Awards – GOLD!!!

Woo hoo….time to chill down some champagne and drink a toast to our fabulous team at Wild & Gorgeous as we are delighted to have been awarded GOLD in the Junior Design Awards 2108 for BEST GIRLS FASHION COLLECTION.

It is really thrilling to have our work recognised by such a prestigious children’s magazine and such an impressive panel of judges.

This is what the Junior Magazine had to say about Wild & Gorgeous…..



WHAT: The children’s fashion range made for cool cats who love an eclectic mix of pretty and ethereal with a dash of mini rock star. Designed for girls and boys ages 2-15 years with a capsule baby collection from 3-18months. 

WHY: Design duo Lucy Enfield and Sophie Worthington, never fail to produce highly covetable collections that feature the clothes you wish you’d had when you were a kid; party clothes that aren’t too try hard, and cool separates for boys and girls with fun detailing and motifs. The judges loved this season’s juicy colour palette and flashes of sparkle. Junior’s travel writer and founder of Mini Travellers, Karen Beddow was particularly enchanted and said, “Stunning. Absolutely love all the designs in this collection. All the glitter and extra bits and bobs! Would love it all.”

Emily Fairweather Photography

Emily Fairweather, a creative photographer and film maker from Somerset sent us some of her beautiful imagery using pieces from our Special Occasion collection and we just had to share her story.

Emily “I was a documentary film-maker for years and was part of a team who won a BAFTA for a documentary called Kelly and Her Sisters, a film for ITV about children living in a condemned house in Birmingham. I still do editorial work, mostly abroad but my main passion is children’s portraiture.

I specialise in family lifestyle photo-shoots at people’s houses or in lovely rural settings like this one of Jess and her spaniel Beanie in elephant grass near where I live at the foothills of the Quantocks in Somerset. This was part of an exhibition on children and their pets which I had last November.

I also love doing natural-light studio photography. Our neighbouring farmers own an old lime kiln that has the most extraordinary light. It has a corrugated iron roof and dirt floor. In the past I’ve done photo-shoots in it with Vintage Circus theme and Degas-inpsired ballet dancers.

This time I wanted to create the feel of an old fashioned ancestral portrait, Grand Master style, but with a modern twist. I looked at lots of Vermeer paintings, took my children to Angels Fancy Dress shop to choose some original costumes accessories and borrowed a Victorian grey silk dress from a friend. I also added three dresses to my already extensive collection of Wild & Gorgeous dresses that form a mainstay of my photo-shoots. I like the palette of colours of their dresses and their classic styles.

Featured: Wood Nymph Dress – Peach

I also commissioned a hand painted backdrop from Hera in grey, textured with multi layers of paint to look like a grand master paintings’ back ground.

With the help of stylist Nikki Sheriff from Knots & Kisses and with the amazing hair and make up designs of Gemma Louise Williams of White Rabbit Make up (and additional make up by Becky Flynn) we created eleven quite unique looks that I am really happy with.
Featured: Pure Cloud Dress – Cream

I am now going to have these printed on textured paper at my laboratory and framed in antique gold guilt frames to complete the mood.”

Featured: Marie Antoinette Dress

If anyone would like a similar portrait of their family please contact Emily on or mobile 07958 763 029.

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Our Holiday Packing List

It’s that time of year again but the lead up to holidays can be stressful. We’ve put together our summer holiday essentials packing list to make life a little bit easier.


Nofolk Top, Towelling Joggers, Merino Patch Trousers & Pirate Tee

Don’t forget…

  • Passport
  • A book or games for the plane

Beach or Pool

Paradise Dress, Mod Tee & Owen Shorts

Don’t forget…

  • Sun cream
  • A beach towel
  • Sunglasses
  • A hat
  • A ball
  • Arm bands

Sight Seeing

Geo Smoothie Jumpsuit, Cas Top & Cargo Shorts

Don’t forget…

  • A camera
  • Water


Pom Pom Hairband, Gold Cashmere Cardi, Goa Dress, Kurta Shirt & Wes Trouser

Don’t forget…

  • A cardi
  • A little bag for storing essentials


Cherub PJ’s  & Dragon PJ’s

Don’t forget…

  • A bedtime story
  • Toiletries
  • Your favourite teddy bear


Take a look at our full range of holiday essentials.